Hydraulics for Steel Plants



150 mm bore X 6400 mm stroke Cylinders for Casting Machine in D.I. Spun pipe plant
3200 mm stroke and 2100 mm Stroke Electrode Regulation Cylinders for E.A.F. and L.R.F.

300 mm bore x 3160 mm stroke Tilt Cylinder for UHP Arc Furnace
300 mm bore x 2160 mm stroke Tilt Cylinder for E.A.F. (Operating Fluid - Water Emulsion)

280 mm bore X 5000 mm stroke Hydraulic Cylinders for Coiler Retractor in Hot Strip Mill (Weighing 5700 kgs)

280 mm bore x 3150 mm stroke HydraulicTilt Cylinder for E.A.F.

180 mm Ram X 3600 mm stroke Column Cylinder for E.A.F.

215 mm Ram X 2750 mm Adjustable Stroke Tilt Cylinder for E.A.F.

Electrode De-Clamping Cylider for E.A.F.



Hydraulic Cyliders for Briquetting Machine
Hydraulic Cylinders for Spirally Welded Pipe Plant

Hydraulic Power Pack for Pusher

Roof Lifting Cylinders with Position Transducers
for E.A.F.inbuilt
160 mm bore x 6450 mm stroke Cylinder for Seamless Steel Tube Plant
Hydraulic Valve Bank with Flow Dividers for Spiral Pipe Plant