Aims To Achieve

  • 100% Customer satisfaction by ensuring total confirmity of product with customer's requirement.
  • Continuous improvement of the product with minimization of input costs by following latest technological developments.
  • Optimization of the business organizational structure
  • Effective management of human resources and keeping a motivated workforce by ensuring good mental and physical health of employees.

Quality controls is maintained by continous checks at our works, in the following basic stages.

  1. Inspection of incoming raw materials, which includes visual / dimensional Ultrasonic testing and checking for physical and chemical properties.

  2. Inspection of all machined components, which includes checking dimensional tolerances, surface finishes, etc, in two stages.

    a] Inspection, while component one under machining.
    b] Final inspection of components as per respective drawings, after all the machining operations have been completed.

  3. Pressure testing of finished product on our hydraulic test bench under static and dynamic conditions to check for internal / external leakages and structural stability at 1.5 times the working pressure.

  4. Overall dimensional inspection of finished products.