Hydraulics for Offshore / Marine Applications
280 mm bore x 10800 mm stroke, 50 tons capacity hydraulic hoists, (each weighing 4300 kgs) for operating emergency gates of Tons Hydro Electric Project
240 mm bore x 4700 mm stroke, 40 tons capacity hydraulic hoists for intake gates of Shivpur Hydro-Electric Project


Hydraulic cylinders & power pack for operating 500 ton jack-up barge.

Hydraulic cylinders & power pack unit for 100 tons jack-up barge.

15 tons line pull hydraulic winch for marine application.

7.5 tons line pull hydraulic winches for marine application.


I R S approved hydraulic steering system of 2.5 ton-mtr torque with balanced rams & standby helm pump, for twin rudder vessel.

320 mm bore x 2250 mm stroke, hydraulic cylinders & power pack unit (with 75 HP engine) for 250 cu. m. split barge.



220 mm bore x 1200 mm stroke, hydraulic cylinders & power pack unit (with 30 HP motor)for operating doors of hopper barge.