Hydraulics for Offshore / Marine Applications
Hydraulic Cylinders for 700 Cu.M.Split Barge
Hydraulic Power Pack (engine driven) with controls for 250 Cu. M. Split Barge
Hydraulic cylinders and power pack for dredging jack - up barge
Hydraulic Cylinders and Power Pack for operating Doors of Hopper Barge

2.5 ton-m Hydraulic Balanced Steering System for Twin Rudder Vessel
Diesel Engine driven Hydraulic Power Pack for Hopper Barge
10 tons capacity Hydraulic Capstan being tested at our Works
15 Tons Line Pull Hydraulic Winch
7.5 Tons Line Pull Hydraulic Winches
25 Tons Line Pull Hydraulic Winch
Hydraulic Power Pack for Marine Piling Structure
5 Ton-M Hydraulic Steering Gear
280 mm Bore Hydraulic Cylinders for 1200 Ton Jack Up Barge
225 H.P. Hydraulic Power Pack for operating 4 Nos. 25 tons hydraulic Winches
Hydraulic Steering Cylinder for Dill Ship
Hydraulic Cylinders for 500 Tons Jack-Up Barge
Stainless Steel Hydraulic Cylinders for Marine Piling Structure